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Veganism Top Tips

Have you ever considered going Vegan? Are you one of those people who are sceptical about the idea of eating plant-based food? Then you've been speaking to the wrong people!

Veganism isn't about eating plants all the time. In fact, Veganism is about your mind & body. The food we put in ourselves helps us identify which food is good for us and which good is bad for us. As you may know eating processed food isn't good for our body but on the other-hand eating too much fruit and vegetables isn't good for our body as well.

It's all about BALANCE

Having a balanced diet with the right nutrients and vitamins will help change your lifestyle. Superfoods with loads of antioxidants rich food have many benefits to our overall health and mind. Our brain health begins to function 10x more better than average. It can reduce memory loss, reduce stress & brain fog. You will also begin to feel happier, confidence & motivated.

I've been a Vegan for over 4 years and it's been one of the best decisions I have made. It wasn't difficult for me to transition from vegetarian to vegan as I found substitutes in many of the food I use to eat as a vegetarian. If you aren't sure about whether turning vegan is right for you. Check out some useful tips to adjusting your lifestyle to a vegan plant-based diet and see if this makes a positive impact to your overall health & mind.  

Top Tips to a Vegan lifestyle:

  1. Eat the Rainbow- Many people get put off when it comes to eating vegetables or not knowing which vegetables are the right ones to eat. The best results is to explore and be adventurous with your food! That's the only way you will begin to discover which dishes you enjoy best and which vegetables you like and don't like.

I like to add all vegetables together in a salad but mixing different types of other foods to help enrich the taste will get your taste buds moving! For example,

- Nuts is a great way to get your protein (remember eating too much nuts can cause high cholesterol so only 5-6 grams is your daily intake)

- Fruits such as mango, pomegranates, strawberries can be added to your salad to help infuse the taste

- Seeds such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, goji berries are a great source of fibre. Adding seeds can help your immune system

- Dry fruits such as raisins, prunes, dry apricot or dry grapes can be added to your salad or breakfast.

2. Ingredient Checker- when you buy food from the supermarket make sure you read the ingredients labelled on the back of the packaging as some food would be labelled as 'Vegan' but they would add substitutes of something within the food. For example, bread is made out of butter which isn't vegan so you have to make sure you buy vegan bread. Another catchy trick is oil- make sure you stay away from processed oil such as sunflower oil. Having Olive Oil or Coconut oil can help reduce fat and add flavour to your cooking.

3. Discover New Plant-Based Protein- Many people are sceptical to a vegan diet as they fear of having low protein. In fact, you can get loads of protein from vegetables and whole gain food such as brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds, lentils and chickpeas. You can also start having protein shakes to help you build muscle if you workout and use weights at the gym.

According to the Institute of Medicine it recommends women get 46 grams of protein daily and men 56 grams-an amount that's pretty easy to reach.

4. Essential Vitamins- When you think about a vegan diet you often come to the conclusion you're intaking all the essential vitamins from vegetables and fruits. In fact, a vegan diet can cause you to miss out on some of those essential Vitamins such as Vitamin D & B12. Finding food with rich Vitamin D such as soya milk, soya beans, mushrooms or vegan cheese will help you build stronger bones and provide you the calcium needed for growth and repair.

Food containing B12 include oatmeal, peanut butter or breakfast cereals.

5. Trial and Error- The best way to see if a vegan diet works for you is to trial and error new dishes. Don't be afraid to try new dishes, experiment with food and create new exotic recipes.

Veganism is about discovery!

I hope you will find these tips useful if you're considering going vegan! Why not try something new today and discover a new dish or two!!

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