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5 reasons eating healthy is easier than you think

Lets all admit that we find it hard to stay healthy throughout the year and sometimes we find it difficult to stick to a diet plan which both provides us with a balance of good fats and bad fats.

However, it does not have to be as hard as you might think, simply changing the way we eat is a lifestyle we all can include from our busy days.

Here are 10 reasons to show you eating healthy should not be a punishment, but a lifestyle choice....

1. Gaining all the nutrients for a balanced diet

From all the health programs, books and social media health guru we know that maintaining a balanced and varied diet takes a lot o

f work and commitment. However, simply changing what we think and how we see food can ensure we gain enough nutrients and vitamins we need for our body. Eating food such as Avocado, Nuts or rice crackers for snacks can help you control your urgency to eat 'bad' food. These foods are categories of 'good fat' which our body needs to help repair and regrow muscle during our busy day to day schedules.

2. fibre is your friend

People often think to much fibre is not good for our body, but having a moderate amount of fibre in our body can help our immune system, reduce bloating and count towards a balanced diet. Fibre foods such as Fruit, Buckwheat, pinto beans, pumpkin seeds or Goji berry seeds can all help increase our fibre in our body. This can also be used as a coral topping or as a snack throughout the day.

3. Food for Skin, hair and nails

Often people misread the signs of their skin and think the products they use are causing the issues for their skin to have spots, uneven skin tone or acne. However, the real cause of skin problem relies on what you eat. Eating food with rich vitamins and minerals can help our body break down amino acids and enzymes to help restore, glow and gain a healthier skin. By having a set of vegetables and fruit in your diet can help maintain healthy skin growth. This also applies to our hair and nails.

4. Real Food Contains Antioxidants

Antioxidants is known as a compound to help flight radicals from damage body cells. Over night when our body is at rest, our cells begin to compose and reproduce in order for our body to take in all the nutrients from the food we imported throughout the day. This is why simply, changing a habit of eating a chocolate bar to eating fruit can help our body gain enough antioxidants to help protect against diseases such as Type 2 diabetics.

5. Gut Food

It has been known eating gut food helps flight away infections and illness our body can not take. Promoting a healthy gut is harder than you think, everyone procedures different cells which help build and protect our gut, so eating the wrong type of healthy food can make your gut go though unpleasant feelings.

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