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Backpack Essentials to Surviving Aboard

Namaste, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo, Nǐ hǎo, Ciao, Howdy & Hello!

Do you ever feel like when it's time to pack you feel confused? You tend to feel a little overwhelmed with what you should and shouldn't pack?

Do you double check the weather to make sure you pack the right essential items needed for your holiday?

Well you're not ALONE! Many of us will forget at least one thing at home which is an essential item needed for our holiday. Here are some of my 10 top tips to helping you ease the stress of packing. When backpacking aboard you are limited with the amount of items you can take with you so first thing to do is write a list of all the items you normally take on holiday. This will help you eliminate unnecessary items which you don't need. Then you can begin to double-check you have the right items in your backpack. Here are my 10 top essentials when backpacking aboard:

  1. Air Dry Towel- Buy a air dry towel which is lightweight and small. Don't bring a normal towel as this can put extra weight in your bag. When I went Sri Lanka I forgot to bring a towel which made me look endlessly for a shop which sells air dry towels. Many hostels/hotels may not provide you with a towel or if they do it will be a small one which isn't ideal.

  2. Socks- You can't go wrong with having too many socks! Pack an extra pair of socks incase you lose a pair, the weather changes and your toes are cold or you decide tvisit the beach or lake

  3. Washing up liquid- Yes I said washing up liquid! When backpacking aboard you are limited with the amount of clothing you can bring so you will need to re-wear your clothes. Having washing up liquid will help you wash you clothes in the sink and re-wear for another day! Simple

  4. Slippers- Slippers is one of the most important items when backpacking aboard. You can change your shoes into slippers according to the weather. Wear your slippers in the bathroom so you don't catch any foot infections. Wear your slippers on the beach too!

  5. Key&Lock- Always bring a key&lock with you when travelling aboard, even if your not allowed to lock your baggage you can still use the lock to store away your essential items where you're staying. This will help you ease your mind during your travels as you know your personal belongings are safe and secure.

  6. Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera is an essential item which can help you survive the nasty sunburn you get when on holiday. The cooling gel can help cool down the skin and avoid any sunburns or heat rashes. As well as helping with those blisters from being on your feet all day long!

  7. Mosquito cream- Any country/city you visit it's ideal to bring along a small tube of mosquito cream in-case you have a reaction.

  8. Hoodie/Sweater- Some of get really excited we are going aboard and forget about packing a hoodie/sweater if you're going to a hot place. Bring a hoodie/sweater has many benefits from keeping you warm from the cold, providing you an extra blanket, covering your arms/legs if you're visiting a holy temple & giving you an extra pillow for comfort.

  9. Power Bank- We all use our phones more than usual when aboard to help us negative us around the local area, translate to others, google map what's nearby. So bringing a portable charger is a lifesaver!

  10. Water Bottle- When backpacking aboard, you're always on the go which means you don't have time to visit the supermarket on frequent basis. So bringing a water bottle will help you avoid infections, illnesses and keep hydrated while you're having FUN!

Don't forget your Passport, ID, credit card, headphone, pack of tissues, sunglasses, charger, USB cable & YOURSELF! Enjoy travellers

I hope you find these tips useful when you plan to do a backpacking trip aboard!

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