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96 hours in Cardiff

The Welsh city of Cardiff is Europe’s youngest capital, with a great mix of history and culture, from ancient castles to Cardiff Bay’s modern architecture. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating and drinking too! So many nice restaurants as well as those independent restaurants depending on your vibe for the day. You can't go wrong with not having a motive for the evening. There is a nice mix of bars, low-key cocktail places and night clubs.

DAY 1:

We travelled from London Paddington to Cardiff City Central which took 2 hours 30 mins to get there. The journey was nice and relaxing as we didn't have to change midway. Once we got there we decided to drop off our bags to the hotel and freshen up before exploring the city centre. Our hotel was 10 mins away from the main city centre which was nice. You can walk around the city centre and know your coordinates around. The city centre is just like mini London, you have all the restaurants with different type of cuisines and LOADS of shops and shopping centres. We decided to grab some lunch before our Spa. We went to a local Vegan place called Falafel Box where they do some amazing falafel salads, wraps, mezze platter. The position and size of the price was outstanding!

Day 2: Swansea Day!

It's day TWO and it's Swansea day! We decided to take a day trip to Swansea and visit the beach and local city centre. Swansea is different to Cardiff, it's more for local residents and families. We visited 3 cliffs bay which was absolutely amazing!!

3 cliff bay, Swansea

Day 3: Brecon Beacons hike day!

A day trip to Brecon Beacons National Park from Cardiff is an absolute must for nature-lovers. There is a lot of trekking trails and walking so bring your hiking boots, you will definitely need them! It's a lovely hike to see the waterfalls. There are four waterfalls located in different regions of the park.

Travellers essential packing kit:

  • Hiking Boots- If you don't have a pair of hiking boots then I would recommend buying some as you well need them! The hike is very steep with uneven rocks.

  • Trekking poles- Trekking poles are essential in assisting you during the hike.

  • Backpack- This is an essential item where you can put all your valuable things inside especially water bottle to help you feel hydrated.

  • Ankle-high socks- if you're wearing ankle hiking boots I would suggest to wear ankle high socks. When walking this can rub against your skin and causing irritation, leaving you with blisters.

  • Compeed blister plaster- You will definitely need these after your hike! or it can be safe to just keep them as emergencies in-case you do them.

  • Waterproof jacket- If you're hiking on a sunny day, I would still suggest bringing a light waterproof jacket as you will be near the water.

Waterfall 1

Waterfall 2

When you visit waterfall 2, you get the chance to go behind the waterfall by travelling on the left hand side and following the path. I would suggest doing this as you get a great experience of seeing the waterfall close up.

Waterfall 3

Waterfall 4

Others things to do in Cardiff:

  • Cardiff Market- Victorian structure theme where you can find ancient items or collectibles such as comic books, reading books, jewellery. You can also find food stalls and bakery stalls who make fresh bakery food everyday.

  • Cardiff Bay- Cardiff Bay is well worth the expenditure of time and energy. Covering pretty much the entire former dockyards, the Cardiff Bay redevelopment, one of the largest in Europe, is home to plenty of fun things to do!

  • National Museum Cardiff- Art lovers you will love this place. City's architecturally pleasing Civic Center building with important art work inside.

  • Caerphilly Castle

  • Cardiff City Hall

If you ever want to Visit Cardiff, check out the places above! enjoy your trip.


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