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72 hours of Irish

Spending a weekend in Ireland's capital Dublin is your escape gateway if you want a change of scenery. You might even get hit with some Irish luck! Dublin has a lot of personality with unique collection of architecture to nightlife of charm and fun!

Top places to visit:

1) Book of Kells is located at the Trinity College's Old Library. This place is a must see, the gorgeous, prestigious campus is located in the heart of the city, founded in 1592 known as Ireland's oldest university. The book of Kells showcases a room filled with ancient books, Irish history and status of famous role models. You feel like you're in a scene from Harry Potter!

2) Galway & Cliff of Moher

Everybody loves Galway City, and it’s easy to see why. It might because of it’s multi-coloured buildings on the pedestrianised streets of the city centre, the abundance of alternative lifestyle shops or the Galway embraces all kinds of spiritual pursuits.

You have to visit the Cliff of Moher. It's absolutely beautiful!! The Cliff of Moher is known to be 66% as tall as New York's Empire State and stretch for almost 10KM. Once you make your way to the top of the cliff you will be taken back with the absolutely break taking view! You will almost gain a sense of relief once you reach the top as just stare out into the ocean.

I do warn you- make sure you wear warm clothes and a pair of trainers as making your way to the top is a challenge!

3) Ha'penny Bridge is one of Dublin's famous bridges to cross. It's located in Temple near the spanning river Liffey. Offering you great views of old Dublin and new Dublin on both sides of the bridge.

4) Phoenix Park: Visit the blissful Phoenix Park known as one of the largest enclosed parks in European capital city built in 1752. If you'e lucky you can get a glimpse of deers wondering around the park, cyclist cycling away, birds chipping and swans swimming in the lake. This park will make you feel mindful if you need a few hours to relax and take everything in. 5) EPIC- The Irish Emigration Museum- Discover what it means to be Irish by exploring beyond the borders of Ireland though it's history, stories and outlaws all over the world. The exhibition celebrates the lives and legacies of our leaders who changed society for the greater good.

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