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Top Tips To A Positive Mind

The power of positive thinking can be one of the hardest but easiest form of overcoming mental health. Humans have a predisposition to negativity which sometimes overrides the way we manage certain situations leading us to express anger, hate, pain, sadness and overthinking.

So, how can we overcome this and turn our mind into a positive mind? The key is creating positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements or phrases used to challenge negative thoughts. If you set your mind to creating positive affirmations you can begin to motivate yourself, encourage positive changes in your life and boost your self-esteem. Positive affirmations not only helps the mind it can also play a role in our physical body as we begin to create a positive a lifestyle.

So, here are some top tips to thinking positively in helping you transform your life...

1. Empower Yourself- When I say 'empower' you should instantly feel a sense of power in wanting to take control of your thoughts. Sometimes we need powerful words to help us feel uplifted and gain a sense of control to what is going on inside our minds. It's easy to tell yourself 'today is going to be a good day' but are you actually going to make today is a good day? What are your actions to making this day a better day than yesterday? Well the key to empowering yourself is simply harnessing your talents. Everyone has talents/skills but we often don't know or not aware of our 'hidden' talents which can make us feel less empowered in what we are actually doing everyday. Try and figure out what talents/skills you have to help you feel more empowered and happy. For example, if you're a morning person who feels they are more productive in the morning then why don't you take some time out of your morning routine to tell yourself 'empowering words' to help you boost your confidence and give you that focus for the day.

2. Gratitude- We sometimes forget to stop and count our blessings in life as we're all busy with our everyday routine. Taking 1 min out of your day to appreciate and be thankful for everything you have builds a healthy mind. In our everyday interactions with other people we can get caught up with stress, negatively, anxiety, worry or overthinking. These senses the brain to overreact leading us to build up a foggy mind. Dopamine is a strong chemical in our brains which plays an important part in how we think and plan. By having strong levels of dopamine in our bodies can help us feel happier inside and outside. By saying thankful words out loud will instantly give us an uplifting feeling making us feel in-control, empowered and inspired.

3. Inner-self- Trying to discover your inner-self can be one tricky process. We hold multiple identities in our lives and each has it's own set of socially defined values and expectations. Inner-self is who we are on the inside by knowing our values, purpose, goals and motivation. Knowing our inner-self requires a high level of introspection and self-awareness which can be a long-life journey. So, the way to finding inner-self is setting yourself personal goals and values which will give you the motivation and get rid of toxicity. Tips to finding inner-self: - Listen to your gut feeling - Self-question your actions - Attitude in wanting to constantly grow and learn from your mistakes

- Looking beyond what you have been told to help discover what you want in life

4. Be open to opportunities - We humans love to live in a comfortable lifestyle which often makes us develop a sense of fear in wanting to be open to new opportunities which come our way. This leads us to reliving and repeating our habits and making us feel stuck, bored or frustrated with everything that is going on. The truth is new possibilities are always within our reach, they are called 'the little things' or 'countless opportunities' which we are blinded to see as we stay in our comfort zones and lose the mindset of feeling open to taking on new opportunities which can help us feel more alive, energised, motivated and happier. Why don't you try and challenge your ideas on how things should work and remove something from your life which doesn't serve you any purpose or happiness.

5. 3 Affirmations a day- I absolutely admire this tip! Setting yourself 3 affirmations a day will instantly boost your mood, make you feel happier and help you feel motivated. Studies have shown saying positive words out loud replaces negative thoughts with positive thoughts as you begin to identify and block out bad habits. This gives you the extra boost in changing your attitude to 'ready for new beginnings' where you begin to shift your energy to committing to your personal goals/values which creates positive results.

The hope these top tips have inspired you in transforming those negative thoughts into a healthy positive mind. #MakeADifference

By Chandni Patel


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