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How to Survive Self-Isolation

Are you feeling like the days are dragging? or feeling a little insane? Well check out my top tips to help you survive self-isolation

I want to share some top tips to surviving self-isolation as this epidemic disease has caused a holt to everyone's way of living and many people don't know how to adjust to this new norm so here are my tips to keep yourself from going insane....

Self-Care: Many of us forget about the importance of self-care as this helps us keep our mind, body and soul healthy. During this isolation self-care is one of the most vital ingredients you need to keep you going


  • Take a long shower/bath after a long day of working from home. This will help you ease your thoughts and allow your body to relax before bed

  • Reading- Reading can help you escape your home environment and allow you to discover something new. Once you've finished your book why don't you share your thoughts with your friends/family. This will help you feel secure with yourself and give you a little sense of satisfaction of being able to finish a book. This little things can help reduce anxiety and depression

  • Music- Music is one of the best methods to improving mental health, brain memory, cognition and anxiety. You can create a playlist which is divided into different categories such as classical music, meditation, workout or your regular playlist. Playing music while doing things around the house can help you keep your motivation and lift your mood

Exercise: Exercise doesn't always have to be at the gym. You can do home workouts which can help you focus on those core areas which we sometimes forget when you're at the gym as we rush to get hold of the next machine. Home workouts can help you discover new moves which you never thought you would be able to do

  • Yoga- Yoga is a great way to release endorphins and work on your mind, body and soul. You can do Yoga anytime during the day. All you need is your motivation!

  • Meditation- Meditation can help reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression. It allows you to focus on mind-breathing exercises to help your body connect with your brain and inner throughs during stressful situations

Hidden skills: Many of us don't know what our hidden skills are as we tend to be so busy with our day to day activities and over the weekend we either have plans already scheduled in so we don't have time to find what our hidden skills are. This is a great time to find something which you're passionate about or something which you always want to do but couldn't find the time to do it- so give it a go!!

  • Arts & Crafts- Sewing, colouring, painting, drawing, pottery etc...

Use your creativity and try and think outside the box. For example, painting on a piece of wood or sewing up unwanted materials you find around the house

  • Literature- poetry, blogging, writing reviews, journals

Journals are a great way to help you keep your thoughts together and allow you to de-stress

  • Media- photography, video making, film editing

  • Technology- learn some new skills using technology, design a website, create a app,

E-learning: This is a great time to do some online training courses and help your personal development. It will also keep your mind active.

Cooking: We often don't spend time in the kitchen during our busy day to day activities so this is a great opportunity to cook exotic dishes and discover new recipes. Why don't you share these recipes with your family members or friends

Games: Games is a great way to wine-down after a long day and relax. We often over-use technology and forget about the simple things in life which helped us grow our skills when we were younger. Games can help you socialise and improve your strategic thinking.

  • Puzzles- crossword, word search, Sudoku

  • Chess

  • Board games- Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of life, Articulate

  • Cards- Uno, cards, poker, Cards against Humanity

  • Rubik's cube- I find having a Rubik cube while working helps me stay focus as it uses your logical thinking and gives you a small break

Socialising: As humans beings, we dream, learn, grow and work as part of society so social interaction is one of the key components for us to survive in society.

  • Facetime- virtual FaceTime is one of the best ways to connect with your friends/family to check in and see how they're doing

  • Social platforms- Are a great to share how you're feeling and to connect with new people

I hope you find these tips useful and help you keep sane instead of going insane!!


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