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How to cope with Mental Health

In celebration to Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 I wanted to share some kind words as this year's theme is: KINDNESS!

Here are some self-help techniques to helping you cope with Mental Health during this difficult time.

Accordingly to research 792 million people are affected by Mental Health Issues worldwide. It appears people are suffering in SILENCE with their mental health getting worse as each number of people suffering from this illness tend to develop tendencies such as self-harm or suicidal thoughts. Many people develop mental health issues though the main cause of STRESS! Stress can cause many health issues to our mind, body and soul.

Other common problems associated to Mental Health vary from Eating Disorder, Depression, Phobias, OCD, Anxiety Disorder, Stress Disorder, Anti-social Personality Disorder, Cyberbullying, Bipolar and many more.

Mental Health can be developed from anything which can cause us to doubt ourselves & our emotions.

If you are suffering from Mental Health... here are some tips to help you feel EMPOWERED!

  • BE KIND TO YOURSELF- The best way to overcome and survive this difficult time is to be kind to yourself. Tell yourself positive words each day you wake up to make you feel motivated, energised and EMPOWERED.

  • KINDNESS- We sometimes forget this important word - KINDNESS and how much value it has to our lives. Do something kind for someone else. An act of kindness can help you share your positively to others which can become a contagious chain of reaction. You can do something small or big either to your family, friends, neighbour, postman/delivery person, shop-keeper, security guard, colleagues or a follower online though your social media platform.

  • 5 SENSES- The 5 Senses is about being able to take everything all in. Relax your mind and take a deep breathe. Look around you can use your senses to appreciate the little things you have in life. This can be staring outside your garden and watching the clouds move, watching the hands on your clock move every second, feeling & smelling the touch of your clothing. These little things in life which we take for granted are the fortune to us feeling more happier, content, powerful & EMPOWERED!

  • SMILE- We often how to display our emotions outside. If we aren't feeling happy inside we won't be showing happiness outside. SMILING is the most simplest technique a person can use to overcome mental health. When we smile our brain reacts to this function which actives our endorphins making us feel secure, joy and happy. Smiling at your phone when speaking to someone helps activate these endorphins which links to a happy brain & heart

  • JOURNAL OUR EMOTIONS- Journals are one of the best ways to help you stay on track to feeling like you have accomplished all your goals and achievements in life. Recording your emotions can help you self-evaluate and reflect on things which can be the cause to making you feel unhappy, stress, depressed, anxiety etc... Writing how we feel will make us feel better about ourselves and help us share positively to others. Tip from me: When I have a bad day I always tell myself- "Tomorrow will be a better day" By telling yourself something positive will immediately change the way you think about a situation. This will eliminate all the negative thoughts you have built up in your mind.

I hope you will find these techniques useful to helping you overcome those negative thoughts and help you feel more HAPPIER AND EMPOWERED to achieve the best you can be.

If you find these techniques useful please comment on the post.

Thank you Stay Safe. Be Happy. Love Life. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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