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How lockdown has changed us...

Are you feeling locked-in or locked-out? 

Early this year the world went into a complete STOP. Our normal lives changes dramatically where the word 'normality' turned into a faded subject. As we all started to go into lockdown due to Covid-19 our lives began to change. Normality wasn't with us as we had to quickly adjust to life at home. For many of us life at home may sound like a vacation but for some, life at home can be a challenge.

We often like to escape from reality when things get tough and out of control. This is our human way of managing things. But, when you're told to self-isolate and stay at home until the foreseeable notice you begin to wonder what you're escaping from. Well, you might just be escaping from a reality called 'materialism'. Living in a materialistic world can stretch a lifetime but does it bring content, happiness & fulfilment?

Studies have shown 50% of our personal sense of well-being derives from our genetic makeup such as where we live or work, health, family, wider society & the people we meet and interact everyday. Thus, this can be the main cause to us feeling uncertain about yourselves and our place in existence, which is why we experience inner anxiety and deprivation in wanting more in life. But, in reality we are blind in realising materialism is just an escape. There's no amount of material on the planet which can fulfil humanity's desires. Thinking outside the materialistic box will lead us to approaching & thinking about life differently. We can rebuild ourselves and understand the full nature of freedom by taking care of our body & mind. Our materialistic mantra "work, buy, consume, die" has manacled us and  imprisoned the whole world.

So, What has lockdown taught you?

Reflect back to the previous 3 months. Take a minute to review & self-evaluate how you much you have GROWN & become STRONGER as a person. You survived lockdown though the help of taking care of your mind, body and soul. We are healing ourselves and realising the importance of spirituality and soul connections without realising it ourselves. Each and everyday we are learning the importance of choosing the path which is right for us.

You may have developed a new skill, learned a new language, took up something which you always wanted to do or even just understanding yourself as a person. All of these little things we sometimes take for granted are the simplest things which we should value the most in our lives. Don't look at lockdown as being a punishment. Think about lockdown as a way to escape from a harsh reality. We as humans are piloted to a certain type of structure in life which often leads us to losing our identity or forgetting that we have a precious chance for real life outside the prison known as society.

It's not too late to change the way you view life as increasing material desires and resources will never match your ranging appetite to gaining full freedom, happiness and fulfilment.

So, help make a difference to yourself by doing something which brings you freedom instead of fantasy.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Likes and comments are welcome. Would love to hear what you think about this post.

Thanks for reading! By Chandni Patel


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