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How can we rebuild our confidence?

It's not an exaggeration to say Covid-19 pandemic has possibly changed us and our way of living as we all have been through unprecedented challenges. The way we work, socialise and go about in our daily lives has been deconstructed affecting our confidence and self-image. If you feel like you need a reboot or a shake of confidence in your life after post-lockdown then the key is...

Finding your

Inner-self to happiness

The challenges we faced during this unprecedented times have impacted our confident levels making us feel out of practice. For some people confidence comes naturally as it's natured within their upbringing this forms to who they are as a person. But for others building their confidence has taken time and practice through different life experiences. Looking at our social aspect now with social change and inconsistent practice can lead to fears around what life is going to look like in the next 6 months as people begin to adjust to a new norm of living which can hinder their confidence and make them feel anxious, low self-esteem, self-doubt and overthinking.

Let's begin to help you find your inner-self...

Think about a time when you felt MOST confident...






If you try this you will begin to regain that moment where you felt most confident in yourself. Confidence isn't something we can teach others. It's something we teach ourselves though practice, reflection and applying. By thinking about a moment where you find happiness, self-fulfilment and content within yourself is the moment YOU was at your PRIME LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE. Don't ever let that destroy YOU and your inner-thoughts

Here are some strategies which can boost your confidence and make you feel empowered during this pandemic...

  1. Morning Routine: Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. The first thing you should do is waking up feeling grateful for what you have in life. Stare at your ceiling and say 3 affirmations to boost your confidence and motivation for the day ahead. Ask yourself a simple question of- "What self-care will I do today?"

By asking yourself a simple question will set you up for the day and steer you in a positive direction helping you regain confidence after you accomplish the task set for yourself.

1a. Mirror talk: At some point in our lives we all have done the "mirror talk" where we tell ourselves something and then feel good for about 10 minutes later. Well, if you continuously do the mirror talk when brushing your teeth in the morning you're beginning to set yourself up for a better day. By telling yourself "today will be a good day" sends positive messages to your brain, helping boost your ego & mood and make you feel empowered.

1b. Breakfast: Have you ever heard the saying 'breakfast for champions?'

Well, this isn't just words put together. Studies have shown people who eat a healthy balanced breakfast are feeding themselves success for the day ahead. This will increase your faith in yourself and self-assurance as well as giving you the energy to help succeed for the day.

2. Be Present: Living in the present instead of the past or future will help you from overthinking about situations which can make you doubt your ability to succeed. Overthinking is a mind-killer which can lead to "Generalised Anxiety Disorder". This mental health illness can be experienced though our decision-making, opinions we receive from others and how we value ourselves associated to the situation. Overthinking can lead to low self-esteem and social inclusion as we often avoid or find it hard to accept rejection we experience from the social world. This leads us to feeling emotionally valuable which can knock our confidence. So the best way to tackle overthinking is living in the present and forgetting about your past mistakes.

3. Communication: We all can struggle communicating how we feel sometimes leading to a built up of emotions, overthinking, stress and seeking for reassurance from others. The way we communicate cultivates the emotional control, insight, charisma and courage to voice your ideas and respectfully champion them. To be confident when communicating builds your encouragement to boosting your confidence & showcasing your qualities you portray as a person. Don't be afraid to show others you need time for self-care, gather your thoughts or if you want someone there to listen to you. These techniques can easily help you feel rejuvenated within yourself.

4. Rejection: We all have been rejected in some sort of way, whether this is from work, relationship or family. Facing rejection can be a tough outcome to manage as we humans aren't built to accepting negative words from other people. Our minds are always telling us to succeed, follow your dreams, believe in yourself etc..

But when it comes down to that moment you put 100% into something and you receive some negative feedback or a rejection you instantly feel distorted which impacts our confidence.

At that moment our ego will play a huge part in building ourselves up and showing what actions we will take to move on. So, how to manage rejection and not let this affect your confidence?

Be Genuine.

It can take extraordinary courage to be confident in yourself after being rejected from someone. Negative experiences turns into positive outcomes so next-time you face a rejection moment don't let this override your confidence. Embrace those negative words and change it for the better you!

5. Face your Fear: Many of us all suffer from a fear which can knock down your confidence and stop you from achieving your goals. The process to overcoming your fears is seeing every opportunity as small wins everyday. Don't live in a world of uncertainty where you aren't confident in what you do in life. This will knock you down and make you feel less empowered to achieving your dreams and purposes you have set yourself. So, don't be afraid to face your fears...

Take a risk...

Don't hold back...

Self-Belief + Self-Esteem = Inner-self to happiness

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience you encounter where you will

stop to look fear in the face"



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