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The Washroom Project

“One toilet built in India can help keep more children in education"

In 2015, I visited a local school in Indore called Pagnispaga School which is an All-Girls School. According, to recent research "40 per cent of children, many of them girls drop out of school by aged 14 because there aren't any toilet facilities or privacy at their local school". A study by Children’s Rights Organisation (CRY) found "one in 10 schools do not have basic facilities and 34% of schools have toilets which are unusable"

The trip aimed to help young girls aged 11 who are beginning the age of puberty to stay in education for as long as possible in order for them to progress further in education. In recent years, it has been known in India, women are less likely to receive a job in comparison to men as young girls age 12-14 years leave school with no classification or as little as no recognition to the employment world. This is due to many local schools around India not having the basic toilet facilities for young girls to continue to stay in lessons.

In Partnership with the government, DMU Square Mile reached out to a school located in Indore to build a washroom for a local unprivileged girls school. We aimed to transform the lives of young female students by introducing the basic facilities to a better future in hopes to reduce diseases and illness and help these young girls feel empowered to achieve their full potential in life. 

During my visit it was heartbreaking to see the school had no toilet, no basin, tap or water facilities for the staff and students. This is something we as privilege citizens in developed countries take for granted. During lesson time the young girls would leave school half-way to go home an use their own toilet. This meant a young girl walking over 5km away from her school to go home an use a toilet. This had caused a lot of stress on the young student as they didn't have the capability to travel to and from home on frequent bases or everyday. When speaking with the young girls it was overwhelming to hear their story of not having access to a toilet can cause lifelong issues to their health, education, social, physical, emotional development & future. For many of the young girls, having the opportunity to go school brings joy and happiness to their family as parents begin to rely on their child to bring in a wealthy job.  

Having a basic toilet facility is one of the most important elements we use daily in our lives. But for many of these young girls they didn't get to experience what it is like to use a toilet or basin to wash their hands. The young girls were still ambitious, full of energy, happy & grateful for what they already have in life. What made them enjoy coming to school was being able to see their friends, learn something new everyday and feel like they have achieved something.These little things in life which we sometimes take for granted are the ones which are worth the most valuable input to making us feel grateful. The smiles on their beautiful faces were unforgettable as each individual young girl showed so much passion, appreciation and value to what they already had in life.

This experience inspired me in wanting to raise an awareness to others in aiming to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to a young child's education. We know education in India is considered very valuable as the further you progress the more opportunity and job prospect can lead a person to live a better life/future for themselves and their family.

Lets come together and raise an awareness to others in hopes to build more washrooms within local schools across India. We can aim to help young girls get access to a toilet if we work together and help END this. Each toilet can help reduce hygiene, increase job opportunities, reduce diseases, infections and illnesses and give a young child the opportunity to focus on their education and reach their full potential. It has been known for every washroom built, it is estimated 150 girls will stay on in school.

Therefore, with your passion, support and care we can help MAKE. A. DIFFERENCE to a young child in India. These little changes we make today can have a major impact on their future.

Thank You & Namaste

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