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New Year's Resolution Life-Hacks

It's that time of the year, where we begin to re-evaulate last year and set ourselves resolutions to help us focus on the new year. Here are some tips for setting yourself up for success this time in helping you reach your goals...

Let's first find out the reason why people fail in achieving their goals, it's mostly likely due to setting yourself unrealistic goals, or struggling to keep track of your progression. So, to help avoid you from falling in-between the cracks and giving you a better chance for success, here are some few suggestions below:

1) Pick one priority area for the first two months. Maybe instead of setting goals in every area such as Health, Well-Being, Exercise or Career. Why don't you start focusing on one area for the first two months of the year. Start by identifying your top priority area. For example, it can be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional health... Once you picked an area you can begin to dig deeper in finding out why you want to work on this area...

2) Once you pick your top priority area, then within that area pick one specific focus point to work on. For example, suppose your top priority area is physical health. There are numerous things you could work on with physical health such as exercise, diet, sleep, etc. Sleep could be a good focus area to choose since it impacts so many other goals. One thing to remember is once you picked on a specific goals, it's important to build in a timeline in how you're going to achieve this goals, what actions are you going to put into place etc...

3) Make sure the goal you pick is realistic. We all know, setting yourself a high goal means having to be determined in achieving this goal, which takes a lot of will power. So, making sure your goal is realistic and achievable will help you focus and stay motivated in wanting to achieve this goal. For instance, is it realistic for you to set a goal of sleeping from 11pm to 7am or is it difficult for you to get into bed and asleep by 11pm? If the goal is not realistic for you to achieve then you need to change it to ensure it is something you can accomplish. It's like an in-built micro habit, once you become aware of this habit- it becomes a in-built micro-habit which sits within your daily routine. Try to make your realistic goal accompany into your routine for better results.

4) Understand Why You're Doing It- Getting really clear on the "what" of a New Year's resolution is powerful, but ultimately doesn't build in any contingencies for massive life changes. To really help you achieve your goals, you need to question the purpose to why you set yourself a certain goal, what made you want to achieve this goal for yourself. By asking yourself the 'why' will help you understand the reason to how important it is for yourself to achieve this goal.

5) Set Big Milestones and Daily Actions- Now you have found a goal you want to achieve, the next step is planning on how you are going to make this a reality. Implementing daily actions weekly will help you hit your milestone. The best way to do this is by writing down a three-month goal, 6-month goal and one-year goal. Within those goals, set yourself a realistic timeline as a mid-point check-in to help you keep track on how far you've progressed. Remember, you don't wake up and become perfect at swimming, it takes daily practice with consistency to become proficient in something.

Finally, the most important thing is.. Don't forget to focus on your small wins! We tend to forget about how important a small win makes a huge difference in how close you're in achieving your goal as we're only focused on the bigger picture. During your reassessment stage think about how far you've come and how much you've grown from your daily goal to your milestone. Being easy on yourself will help you stay motivated, try to stay focus and determined in knowing the end is yet to come.

I hope these tips will help you succeed in achieving your goals! You're the only competition in yourself on how far you want to achieve.

Be the best you can be!

From Chandz

Happy New Year!

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