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New Year, New Me

As 2018 has ended and the new year has began, everyone is beginning to follow the 'new year, new me' approach to life which can sometimes be quite hard to figure out what you want to do in life. Here are some tips and guidelines which can help kick start your new year...

Set up a new year vision board- this will help you follow your dreams and achievements you aim to achieve their year. You do not need to be in detail you can just simply write one word and you will know why you put that down on your vision board. I did a vision board last year and this year I thought I would mix things up and do a Mindfulness/goal jar. inside the jar I have wrote down little notes and quotes which can help me follow my dreams, keep me motivated and stay mindful throughout the year.

Others way to keep you motivated this year is setting up monthly achievements which you can simply write down on your phone and during the end of the month tick of the goals you can achieved.

Dont forget to stay mindful and always stay positive in life.

Go beyond your Limits


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